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Your Classic Look

March 27, 2018

Ahhh the never ending quest for more time, especially in the mornings! Hit the snooze button, grab a quick workout, homemade breakfast, what would more time mean for you? To me it means all of the above depending on the day. Over the years I’ve learned the less I have to think about, the more time I have to actually DO; and having a classic go-to look means I can steal back a little time, especially those precious mornings when everything already seems so rushed and never compromise on looking and feeling my best.

I think we all agree getting ready for the day is important and worth the time. This could be as simple as a cleansed face, mascara, and lipgloss or as detailed as a full face glam. Whatever it means to you, we see you, we respect you, and by all means do you! But please keep in mind the simple rule of making it stress free and fun. Feeling pretty is important, you are important, and most of all your time is important. But you know what else is important? The ingredients and quality of the products you are putting on your skin day in and day out.

Moi was founded on the basic truth of caring about you, your time, individuality, and health. Our entire line has been created to compliment your skin tone, be easy to apply, and wear beautifully throughout the day without having to worry about touch-ups. We define ourselves as classic conscious cosmetics. We are all about products you will use everyday and buy time and time again because they look and feel that good.

A classic makeup look is different for everyone. We all have one even if we don’t realize it. It’s your I have 15 minuets to be on point and I know these products look amazing on me and go with everything look. We know you may be very comfortable with your own products and not quite sure about how to create your own classic look with Moi Cosmetics, that’s why we have made it really simple. Here’s the breakdown of your new classic, clean, conscious makeup

Lux Liquid or Powder Foundation:
Please, if you only switch out one old for one new healthy product this year make it your base/foundation. Your skin is literally drinking it up and traditional foundations are packed full of chemicals that can cause minor surface issues such as clogged pores to bigger internal issues such a hormone disruption. Making the switch to our Aloe Vera based formula will guarantee more hydration and less breakouts, naturally.

Lux Blush:
We all need a little pop of color on the cheeks. It’s what makes us look fresh and youthful. Our skin healthy formula has been developed with rosemary and lavender to protect and even out skin tone. If just a touch of color on the cheeks is your look, or a full contoured look using Soleil as bronzer underneath the cheeks is more you we have you covered. We created our colors to look beautiful on all skin tones so if you’ve always wanted to try more of a coral color we say go for it! We know you’re going to love it.

Lux Eyeshadow Trios:
Our intensely pigmented trios are a must if your eyes are going to look great all day long without a touch up. Our eyeshadow trios blend quickly with little effort so you can take your look from simple to glam in a snap. Thoughtfully planned trios travel great creating the perfect neutral, bronze, or smokey eye. Green Tea Extract stimulates blood flow for tighter firmer looking lids.

Lux Eyebrow:
An all in one our automatic brow pencil defines or creates the perfect brow while keeping hairs in place. A must for getting ready in a hurry and adding that extra finishing touch to your
classic makeup look. Big time bonus: castor oil stimulates the hair follicle to promote new growth. Who doesn’t want fuller brows? Yes Please!

Lux Organic Mascara:
Everyone deserves beautiful lashes. Our organic formula is sure to deliver and won’t irritate sensitive eyes. Chamomile extract’s healing properties aid in preventing allergic reactions, and less irritation means more ability for your own lashes to grow thicker and stronger.

Lux Lipgloss:
A sweep of neutral gloss is the finishing touch to any classic look. Not too sticky or shiny our formula naturally hydrates the lips with jojoba oil. Talk about a time saver this one can be applied perfectly without a mirror.

Whatever your classic signature look, make sure it is simple and quick. The idea here is to have a routine that can be effortlessly recreated. With the proper products and tools at your fingertips this can be done so you always look beautiful put together in minimal time. The trick to quick application is a light hand using highly pigmented cosmetics. One swipe and done. We hope you feel the difference of #allmoibeauty!

We’d love to hear about you classic look with Moi! Share with us on instagram!


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